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JIUH LIH PIGMENT PLASTICS CO., LTD. was founded in Taichung City, Taiwan in 1976 Taiwan factory was established in Nangang Industrial Park, Nantou City currently.  In the pigment applications, we have accumulated rich experiences and professional technology, also excellent reputation, and our products are widely appreciated by the industry.

Our Company is a professional "compound pigments" processing factory. We manufacture the best products with the most advanced equipment, the most precisest instrumentation, the most strictest quality control, and the best qualified staffs. In the unremitting efforts of all staff, our business is fast-growing, and the scope of product sales is all over the country and around the world.

Our Products include PVC masterbatch, PVC color paste, PVC color sand, PVC print ink chip ,PU chip, PE masterbatch, and waterbased color paste. We are one of the finest and biggest compound pigments processing factory, our annual production is more than 6000 ton and the number is increasing each year.

We will uphold more professional spirit in the future to focus on research, development and innovation of new product technologies to enhance the customer's product quality, reduce production costs and meet the needs of customers.

Enterprise Objective

Hard-working, Honesty, Keep Going!

Business Philosophy

Best customer service, Best Quality, Best employee, with these 3'Best' condition,we have confident to create a win-win situation.